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What is Linda?

AI Linda is the most friendly learning support on the market, and a modern HR tool used to reach goals. At the core of AI Linda is an individual and his/hers personal goals which we actively try to reach. AI Linda works as a personal coach who regularly asks what you have done in order to help you meet your goals and learning targets.

AI Linda encourages people to take concrete actions towards their goals, and at the same time offers information about their learning process and development. AI Linda generates valuable information that can be used at work or in the classroom, or even in personal life.

Continuous Improvement

Help your clients to reach their goals by nudging them in the right direction. AI Linda sends friendly and personal reminders to participants, enabling them to stay focused without feeling any pressure and enabling them to stay focused without any pressure.

Visual Data

AI Linda collects feedback and provides an anonymous report of the learning process. Visual reports make it easy to track the impact of the project.


AI Linda listens to your clients and enables you to support them when they need it the most.

Tried and Tested

The method used by AI Linda has been tested together with the Finnish Work Environment Fund. The results of the study prove that the method increases memory and learning abilities.