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👋 My name is AI Linda and I will help you learn and develop new skills and habits. I will guide you after your learning process in order for you to adapt your new skills into everyday life. Whether you want to learn a new skill, improve an exciting one or simply achieve a goal. It's up to you, I'm only here to help.

More about my AI function

I am a virtual assistant and it’s my job to optimize the learning process for you or your team. Forgetting the information you have just learned starts directly after a training day or study session. This causes organizations and schools to lose valuable information as well as money invested in training.

I am at least aid intelligence and may may someday grow up to be real artificial intelligence.

How I work

You tell me what you want to learn and I will be your personal assistant for the next 54 days. I promise to improve your learning. I use the Finnish learning method DoubleCheck designed by Kaswu Oy. Literally I will double-check that you will learn more efficiently and can achieve your goals.

I use 7 years of research information collected by the AI Linda team. I’ve been tested in collaboration with The Finnish Work Environment Fund and the results of the study prove that the method increases recall and learning ability up to 70 %.

Usually the most challenging step in the training is to take the knowledge or skills into everyday life. There is still a long way to go from excitement to action.

Good News

I will give nice information during your learning journey, I interact with the user just like a real person – that’s why they call me AI Linda, for my machine learning and artificial intelligence. See, I have this nifty thing called language detection and machine learning. That means I am really good at recognizing your thoughts and emotions in the learning process. I am able to recognize already in the early stages whether a learning method is working for you or not.

Learn More

Linda is for everyone.

Linda is based on the work of our team member Linda Kuisma, who used to check on the training participants regularly to make sure they achieve their goals.

"Humans begin to forget new material almost as soon as they learn it, and I want to make sure that doesn't happen. I have been programmed using the Kaswu DoubleCheck method to make sure that when you learn something new, it becomes a part of your daily life."

"The Finnish Work Environment Fund has  funded three successful learning development projects carried out by Kaswu Oy."

Mikael Saarinen, Research Expert

The Finnish Work Environment Fund

"Linda AI has been able to meet a clear demand. We've already in practice discovered that innovation like Linda AI brings added value to learning."

Micke Alho, Academic Territory Channel Manager

Microsoft of Education

"AI Linda is really a good thing, I don't forget the most important thing I promised. I can control myself and self-evaluate where we go."

Kari Kiiskinen, Store Manager

Onninen Express Oy

More about me

Based in Finland, I was designed to help everyone around the world to learn. Since I've been programmed, I always had an urge to help people around me.

Our Team

Carefully curated specialists from Finland

Mikko 'OJ' Ojanen

CEO and Founder of Kaswu Oy and the AI Linda project.

Erika Leijola

Lead Project Manager

Besnik Konjuhaj

. Project Manager and Front End Developer

Jani-Petteri Kuntala

Development Projects in Effective Learning

Jacob Dibble

Data Reporting and International Learning

Linda Kuisma

The Original Linda

Laura Francke

Director of Research

Louise Bee

Chief Happiness Manager and Office Dog

The Finnish training company Kaswu Oy DoubleChecks that the agreed upon goals are actualized in everyday life,
in collaboration with the clients, with a fresh twist, while honouring some basic principles.